Friday, May 19, 2006

A Search Engine is Born

After months of development, is alive on the web. I've received more than enough questions about our site to merit a blog, and I also thought I should embrace the opportunity to explain what our site is all about.

First and foremost, Trumalia is a search engine. To get our results, we tap into one of the biggest and fastest growing indexes on the web. This ensures that users consistently receive comprehensive and highly relevant search results.

Second, Trumalia displays the work of talented contemporary artists. While some of the artists we feature are already well established, others are just launching their careers. Drumming up publicity is often a challenge, and search engines are high-traffic sites. My thought: why not combine the two? That way, artists receive some free publicity, while searchers are exposed to a new image each day.

Lastly, Trumalia features a series of challenging enigmas. These aren't simple brain teasers. Solving each enigma will require patience, a healthy dose of intellectual curiosity, a sharp mind, and perhaps a little research. The first to solve each enigma will receive directions to a hidden artifact and a cash prize, while the first to solve all four enigmas wins the jackpot, which grows substantially each day. An explanation of how the enigmas work can be found at

Several people have asked if I truly lugged artifacts miles from civilization only to hide them for others to discover. The answer is a definitive yes, and I have the dirt and sand under my fingernails to prove it. Those who uncover the artifacts won't be disappointed. Each artifact is thematically tied to the enigma that was solved, and is valuable on its own (cash prize aside).

More to come.... I hope you decide to join us.


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