Saturday, May 20, 2006

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What does "trumalia" mean?

"Trumalia" either means "eye," "through the eye of a needle," "a narrow opening," or "to whittle down" or "wear down" in New Testament Greek, depending on who's doing the interpreting.

Where do you find your artists?

Currently, most of the artists featured on have been recommended to us by other artists. However, we also comb through hundreds of artists' websites to find quality work to present to our users. Lastly, some artists choose to submit their images directly to us via email:

How did you dream up the concept behind Trumalia?

I was running through a hailstorm in the mountains, thinking about historic enigmas and tales of buried treasure. I had spent the last few months studying the business of search, and as I slipped down a muddy trail, these seemingly unrelated ideas collided in my head. Of course, I only had the faintest notion of what the site would become. My original concept went through numerous revisions before Trumalia was born.

What exactly are these "buried artifacts?"

I can't tell. That would take all the fun out of it. I will say this, though -- one type of artifact only exists in its original form in a handful of museums around the world. I spent months researching an artisan who could create an authentic reproduction. Historic relevance was a criteria for each artifact I purchased. I strove to ensure that each item related to its associated enigma.

I've located hidden code in an image. Now what?

Write the code down, and then move on to the next string of riddles.

One piece of code in each image is simply an indentifier, and the other piece(s) represent part of a message that can be assembled by combining code from other images. There are three separate messages hidden within the images on The identifier will tell you which message each piece of code belongs to, as well as its intended position within the message itself. In short, once you've conquered every string of riddles on, you'll have three encoded messages to decipher.

How many riddles are hidden within results on

More than five hundred... and less than one thousand.

My personal favorite: Is your site associated with any particular religion and/or do you dabble in the occult?

No, and no. While a handful of the riddles on have a religious undertone, that is simply a reflection of what people wrote about at the time those riddles were created. In certain cultures, and in certain centuries, secular riddles were quite uncommon.

The roman numerals on the homepage constitute an enigma in themselves, while the rune is simply a nod to a culture that produced innumerable poetic riddles.


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