Friday, August 18, 2006

New Features

I apologize for the long silence. We've been working like crazy on a new release of Trumalia that contains several new features. Of course, we didn't alter the enigmas portion of the site. Users are encouraged continue solving riddles and cracking codes just as they did before!

The biggest change to Trumalia is a new log-in/point system which allows members to accumulate points by correctly answering challenging questions (more than 2,000 are currently loaded) about art and the history of science. The questions are inserted in the first page of search results for select searches. Statistically, there is a 1 in 10 chance of receiving a link to a question each time a search is performed. For more information about the point scheme and how it works, please visit the Trumalia Points page. Everything about Trumalia is intended to keep our users thinking, and I hope that our new series of questions accomplishes this goal. Members are also welcome to suggest topics for new questions.

Another new feature is the Trumalia forum. Members can discuss the Trumalia enigmas, or chat about contemporary art, books, current events, or anything else on their mind. While I initially had trouble deciding whether to allow political discussions on Trumalia, I have always believed that open debate is healthy, and I'm confident that members will benefit from the opportunity to share different viewpoints.

The Trumalia toolbar is another feature that we've created for the convenience of our members. The toolbar makes obtaining search results quickly much more convenient, and it also allows users to search either bookmarked sites or the site that's currently being viewed. In addition, our toolbar is fully compatible with the Trumalia points scheme.

I hope you enjoy our new site!